“Let’s start at the very beginning…”

Notebook with tea3 - Lilibet Stanley


I love new notebooks and sketchbooks, they are full of ideas to come and are perfect but I find it hard to start because then it might not be quite so perfect any more. Once I stop procrastinating, my sketchbook becomes my old faithful friend and I try to take it everywhere with me, as you never know where an idea may strike. I am finding the same is happening to the idea of writing a blog. I have the wise words of my good Yorkshire uni friend ringing in my ears, “Get your s’en off”, to you and me that means “Get going!!” So here goes….

4 thoughts on ““Let’s start at the very beginning…”

  1. Fantastic…what a clever lady. I love the ideas, colours, hand made inventions and that you are reusing all the bits we seem to gather these days! xx


  2. What a lovely page and I look forward to reading your blogs. Glad to hear you are “getting yer’sen off!” It’ll be reet grand in no time. I very much hope there will be a blog about the use of chocolate wrappers in mood boards coming soon! Lots of luck with your new venture x


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