Upcycling Embroidery

Last week, I mentioned that I love using bits and pieces that I have collected and giving them a new lease of life -chocolate wrappers, tiny bits of fabric, kitchen roll paper, small bits of Vliesofix that I have left over from applique work. One piece of work that I produced a few years ago highlights what I am talking about. Here is the story about it!

old post box-lilibet stanley

I get so excited over rust, rust is beautiful with all the colours and texture!

Rust inspiration - Lilibet Stanley

As soon as I saw this old rusty post box at my friend’s house, I thought that I would have to get to work using my threads and bits of fabrics!

Rust inspiration1 - Lilibet Stanley

I could see encrusted french knots where the flaky rust was disintegrating. I love french knots especially on mass!

Free Machine Embroidery-rust2-lilibet stanley

Lots of little bits of fabrics including silk, velvet, organza are trapped down by free machine embroidery using metallic threads with washers, sequins, beads which are embellished on top.

Free Machine Embroidery-rust-lilibet stanley

Paper and painted Vliesofix are layered over the little bits of fabric. By adding french knots and detached chain stitch in various thickness of threads, helps to give an encrusted, rich quality.

Free Machine Embroidery-rust1-lilibet stanley

I love the texture of bubbled-up chocolate wrappers with a coating of non-tarnishing wax gilt.By holding chocolate wrappers over a candle in a well-ventilated room and using a face mask, it crinkles up which creates the look of rust peeling (Be careful not to burn the fabric, your hands or even your house!) .

The work by Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn has been a big influence in my free-machine embroidery work. Please check them out at http://doubletrouble-ent.com/, their work is amazing!

Well until next time.


2 thoughts on “Upcycling Embroidery

  1. Hi Lilibet
    Just wanted to say welcome to Blogland 🙂 Your textile work and photographs are stunning and I’m really looking forward to seeing and reading more. Enjoy your journey here, I can tell it’s going to be beautiful!
    WIth much love


    1. Hello Lucy,
      I am sooooo excited that you approve!! I have been reading your blog, Attic24 now for a few months and I get a thrill when I see that there is a new post to read. If you have any ideas on how I can improve, I would love to hear as I value your opinion. Thanks again.


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