Walk back from school

My walk to school in the morning is always full of bustle of my children telling me about what their day is going to hold, whereas my walk back from school is a lot more leisurely so I have time to appreciate my little corner of Queensland. It was lovely this morning to feel no need for a jacket. The weather is warming up, so soon there won’t be need for jumpers. Hooray!

purple bauhinia flower1-Lilibet Stanley

I love these beautiful purple Bauhinias.

purple bauhinia flower -Lilibet Stanley

The little bits of pink and purple dotting the sky lifts my spirits to know that Spring is well and truly here.

white bauhinia flower1 -Lilibet Stanley

The white Bauhinia’s look amazing too.

white bauhinia flower -Lilibet Stanley

white bauhinia flower2 -Lilibet Stanley

It’s lovely to see flowering buds about to burst with life!

yellow flower3 -Lilibet Stanley

As I was about to start the ascent of the last hill before home, I was met with a riot of yellow. The golden yellow of the blooms were striking against the blue Queensland sky.

yellow flower -Lilibet Stanley

I don’t know the name of this flowering tree, I’m still learning all the flora and fauna of Queensland even after 10 years. I have tried “Googling it” but the images I found don’t fit with my photo. If anyone does know the name I would be interested to know!

yellow flower1 -Lilibet Stanley

The golden blooms are starting to fade and fall off the tree but it creates a colourful edging to the road going up the hill.

Jaquaranda - Lilibet Stanley

Last year, we planted a Jacaranda tree outside our house to help create an avenue of lilac Jacaranda trees along our road in October time. At the moment, the tree looks more like a stick but right at the top is the smallest evidence of life. It is going to be some time before this stick looks more like a tree but all life has to start somewhere!

Until next time.

Lilibet x




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