Trip to the garden centre

This beautiful morning, I took a trip to my local garden centre with my Mum-in-law. I wanted to find a few new plants for my front garden. I was met with a such a splash of colour!

riot of colour -Lilibet Stanley

Colour everywhere!

riot of colour1 -Lilibet Stanley

Sunshine yellow, oranges, pinks, purples and reds!

geraniums -Lilibet Stanley

I love geraniums and pelargoniums as they are so easy to look after and have a glorious splash of colour!

salvias -LilibetStanley

In the end, I decided on two different types of Salvias. I have found that Salvias are drought-tolerant, which is important in the harsh Queensland sun and yet have an English cottage garden feel about them. I’m looking forward to getting my plants into my garden bed and watching them grow.

Until next time.

Lilibet x


2 thoughts on “Trip to the garden centre

  1. When I wrote about salvias today, WordPress suggested I look at your post mentioning salvia, so here I am! I’m on the upper half of the globe, where I’m just cleaning up my salvias before winter, but happy to meet another appreciative gardener. Your blog is lovely.


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