Happy Hours Sewing!

I’ve spent some time cutting out a pile of white cotton circles, ready for me to spend some happy hours sewing!

suffolk puff5-Lilibet Stanley

Making a Suffolk puff is easy. All you have to do is cut out circles of fabric. The size of the circle that I am using is 6.5cm in diametre and it creates a Suffolk puff that is 3cm in diametre. I think they are looking like little peppermints!!

suffolk puff2-Lilibet Stanley

Using a small needle, start by stitching a few little stitches in one spot to make your thread firm, then using running stitch go around the edge.

suffolk puff3-Lilibet Stanley

Once you have completed running stitch all around the edge, draw the thread up into a little bag.

almost finished suffolk puff-Lilibet Stanley

To finish off, make a few little stitches in one spot so the stitches can’t come undone.

finished suffolk puff-Lilibet Stanley

Voila!!! One Suffolk Puff!! Now repeat over and over again!! Once you have enough of the little treasures, sew them together to form a throw/quilt. I will show you that stage later.

Until next time.

Lilibet x


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