All I see is purple!

October is one of my favourite months, whether I am here in Brisbane or in England!

Jacaranda purple2 -Lilibet Stanley

In Brisbane, I am surrounded by the mists of Jacaranda purple.

Jacaranda purple4 -Lilibet Stanley

The colour of the individual flowers are so delicate, yet put the flowers altogether, it is a colour so strong and striking.

Jacaranda purple1 -Lilibet Stanley

The other day I bought a pair of thongs/flip-flops in Jacaranda purple. The colour is soaking into my brain and is influencing me in my purchases!

Jacaranda purple -Lilibet Stanley

My craft box hasn’t escaped the beautiful colour either!

autumn leaves

Seeing the beautiful Jacarandas means that I am not seeing the beautiful rich russets and ochres of an Autumnal October in England. I used to love kicking up the Autumn leaves, making them rustle under my feet and collecting the acorns and conkers in my pockets until they were bulging at the seams. However having said that, I think I am enjoying the warmer weather that Brisbane has to offer in October more than having up wrap up warm in lots and lots of layers.

Until next time.






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