English rose at heart!

From about the 10th of the month, I start getting excited when I visit my local newsagent. Is it there..? No. Next time I go shopping, is it there..? No. Yesterday, I went in and my heart skipped a beat, it was there!! The next edition of the UK edition of Country Living.

Country Living Mag -Lilibet Stanley

Over here in Oz, we are a month behind on the UK issue but I don’t mind that I am reading all about September. It is one of my little slices of home!

Rocking chair and mag1 -Lilibet Stanley

I love sitting down on my rocking chair to read my new glossy covered magazine, reading about life in the English countryside.

Purple Salvia and colour -Lilibet Stanley

I am trying to make my little part of Queensland as English Cottage garden as I can! It’s a hard task when our summers are hot and we have to look after what little water we have.

rose1 -Lilibet Stanley

My “Jane McGrath” climbing rose is beautiful, it has a delicate pink flower and it loves the position it’s in, in my garden. It is drought-tolerent now it is established and it rambles over some stakes in a corner of my garden with red Geraniums joining it with real country style.

Climbing rose -Lilibet Stanley

The Salvias I bought a few weeks ago are settling into my garden very well.

Salvia1 -Lilibet Stanley

Salvia -Lilibet Stanley

Tomatoes are good at sprouting wherever they fancy in my garden!

tomatoes with geraniums -Lilibet Stanley

I love vegetables growing along side flowers. The bright red spots next to large pink circles of geraniums.

tomatoes -Lilbet Stanley

There are also yellow tomatoes growing as well. My Little Lady loves tomatoes, she eats them like most children would eat sweets!

I will go and soak up some English style with my magazine until next time.








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