Summer feels like it’s on the way!

The weather is really starting to feel more like summer than spring. The heat has really hit me this week!

jacaranda -Lilibet Stanley

The jacarandas are starting to lose some of their bloom but I thought I would get a few more photos of their decadent colour before any storms decide to hit and send their beauty cascading to the purple carpet beneath!

jacaranda2 -Lilibet Stanley

I really can’t get enough of the purple blooms, they make me smile everytime I see them!

jacaranda1 -Lilibet Stanley

It’s such a lovely time to visit Brisbane.

dead head geranium-Lilibet Stanley

This week, I have been doing some dead heading of my geraniums.

dead head geranium1-Lilibet Stanley

Once I had a whole posy worth in my hand, I noticed the delicate, subtle, lovely colours- beige, pinky beige and berry tones.

lillipilly-Lilibet Stanley

The Lilipilly trees in my back garden are starting to flower. The tiny little flowers remind me of fireworks bursting into the sky.

pelegonium -Lilibet Stanley

The Pelegoniums in my terracotta pot are starting to put on a show of colour! The garden is constantly changing even though in my mind, I feel it stays the same.

Until next time!

Lilibet x





One thought on “Summer feels like it’s on the way!

  1. I agree about the jacarandas – they are almost unbelievable! In Hawaii I constantly wanted to take their picture, and then later on I discovered that there is a big jacaranda in a nearby neighborhood and I get to drive past it once or twice a week. Why should I be so blessed??


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