Escaping the heat-Part two

The children were up bright and early with the birds on the first morning raring to go! Mount Kiangarow was our first stop of the day.

Mount Kiangarow sign -Lilibet Stanley

Mount Kiangarow is the highest peak in the Bunya Mountains National Park. It has amazing grass trees. Last time we were here there were lots of Silvereye birds – a little olive-green bird which were having a marvellous time eating all the seeds.

Grass trees at Mount Kiangarow -Lilibet Stanley

The texture of the bark is scrumptious!

tree bark6 -Lilibet Stanley

tree bark3

Especially when lichen is growing on it as well!

tree bark4

The pattern that the bark makes is like lots of little lozenge shapes so its pattern with texture on top!

Mount Kiangarow2 -Lilibet Stanley

The different greens of The Bunya Mountains National Park against the brilliant blue sky was stunning!

Mount Kiangarow -Lilibet Stanley

Down below on the plain, the colours are much more subtle with the drier greens and yellows and bits of red soil showing through. Even though we were mostly covered by the shade of the trees, it was coming up hot. We pressed on to Bottle Tree Bluff.

Bottle Tree Bluff sign -Lilibet Stanley

Walking along hearing the tweeting of the birds and the giggles of children is music to my ears. The Little Adventurers were discovering various seeds and feathers along the way. They learn so much from just experiencing nature!

Bottle Tree Bluff1 -Lilibet Stanley

Each lookout is spectacular and Bottle Tree Bluff didn’t disappoint!

Prickly Pear Flower -Lilibet Stanley

Prickly Pear Flower1-Lilibet Stanley

We came across a lot of Prickly Pear which is not native to Australia but the reddy, orange flowers are beautiful against the blue sky!

goanna -Lilibet Stanley

Along the side of the track, there was a Goanna. We thought it was best to let the Goanna move off to where it wanted to go, however, it had other plans!! Why go in the bush when you can walk down the track?? So we waited some time until it finally decided to go under the shade.

water-Lilibet Stanley

We were all delighted to reach the Cherry Plain Lookout, we were parched and exhausted so off we went to replenish our food and drink stocks back at the tent!!

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Escaping the heat!

With the prospect of the G20 leaders coming to town over the weekend and the mercury rising up to about 40 degrees celcius, we decided to escape to The Bunya Mountains which is about 3.5 hours north-west of Brisbane. It is up high and with lots of rainforest to shade under during the day. We went with two other families so all the children could have lots of fun exploring the creeks and rainforests!

Bunya pine trees at Dandabah -Lilibet Stanley

Our base for the long weekend was the campsite at Dandabah, it is a beautiful spot. Our view from our tent was overlooking these wonderful tall Bunya Pines and thus why it is called The Bunya Mountains.

Blue Fairy Wren -Lilibet Stanley

The Superb Fairy-Wren was there to meet us when we arrived at the campsite and we had plenty of sightings. The brilliant, bright blue of the Superb Fairy-Wren matched the sky.

Tall grasses at Dandabah-Lilibet Stanley

The Superb Fairy-Wren loves to take shelter from the campers in the tall grasses on the edge of the campsite. The swaying grasses are so graceful but I’m sure hide a multitude of wildlife that I don’t want to meet!

Wallaby2 -Lilibet Stanley

Another resident of Dandabah was also there to make sure we were welcome and that was the Wallaby. They are used to the campers but always keep their distance!

Tim Shea Falls sign-Lilibet Stanley

We decided to wait to put up our tents until the sun had gone down a bit. We started our adventure by going to the Tim Shea Falls which is a short walk from the campsite though with little ones in tow and all that a rainforest has to offer can take a long time!

Dam Building1-Lilibet Stanley

Dam building began in earnest when we reached the creek, there was no time to loose! Dam building is one of My Ideas Man’s favourite activities when given half a chance.

Great Barbed Frog tadpole-Lilibet Stanley

The motley crew of adventurers found large tadpoles which I think are  going to grow up into a Great Barred Frog. They enjoyed the challenge of trying to catch them, mostly  without success but had great fun trying and occasionally they were lucky but they had to soon release them as not to harm them.

It was shaping up to be a great but cool weekend, with lots of walks and things to discover!

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Walk back from school!

On my walk back from school, I am fortunate to go past some lovely Gum trees with sumptious tree bark.  I love tree bark for it has beautiful texture and colours.

paper bark3-Lilibet Stanley

I think the texture of bark has always amazed me since I was a teenager and I started looking at the world around me in a new way! I would wonder  how can I use it as inspiration in my textile work! I would start trying to come up with ways of replicating it with paper, wax and fabric.

paper bark-Lilibet Stanley

They are just so textural!! My high school textiles teacher’s enthusiasm for texture has given me a life long love!

paper bark1-Lilibet Stanley

I see new ideas every time I walk past this series of trees!

seedpods1-Lilibet Stanley

I’m not sure what the name of this tree is but the colour of these berries and seedpods are divine especially against the greens of the trees and the brilliant blue sky!

magnolia-Lilibet Stanley

This beautiful Magnolia flower has just started to bloom near by, it is so stylish and classic!

geraniums,eggs,tea-Lilibet Stanley

When I got home, I collected the eggs from our chickens and sat down to have a lovely cup of tea and to think about all the work I need to get on with today.

Until next time.