Escaping the heat-Part two

The children were up bright and early with the birds on the first morning raring to go! Mount Kiangarow was our first stop of the day.

Mount Kiangarow sign -Lilibet Stanley

Mount Kiangarow is the highest peak in the Bunya Mountains National Park. It has amazing grass trees. Last time we were here there were lots of Silvereye birds – a little olive-green bird which were having a marvellous time eating all the seeds.

Grass trees at Mount Kiangarow -Lilibet Stanley

The texture of the bark is scrumptious!

tree bark6 -Lilibet Stanley

tree bark3

Especially when lichen is growing on it as well!

tree bark4

The pattern that the bark makes is like lots of little lozenge shapes so its pattern with texture on top!

Mount Kiangarow2 -Lilibet Stanley

The different greens of The Bunya Mountains National Park against the brilliant blue sky was stunning!

Mount Kiangarow -Lilibet Stanley

Down below on the plain, the colours are much more subtle with the drier greens and yellows and bits of red soil showing through. Even though we were mostly covered by the shade of the trees, it was coming up hot. We pressed on to Bottle Tree Bluff.

Bottle Tree Bluff sign -Lilibet Stanley

Walking along hearing the tweeting of the birds and the giggles of children is music to my ears. The Little Adventurers were discovering various seeds and feathers along the way. They learn so much from just experiencing nature!

Bottle Tree Bluff1 -Lilibet Stanley

Each lookout is spectacular and Bottle Tree Bluff didn’t disappoint!

Prickly Pear Flower -Lilibet Stanley

Prickly Pear Flower1-Lilibet Stanley

We came across a lot of Prickly Pear which is not native to Australia but the reddy, orange flowers are beautiful against the blue sky!

goanna -Lilibet Stanley

Along the side of the track, there was a Goanna. We thought it was best to let the Goanna move off to where it wanted to go, however, it had other plans!! Why go in the bush when you can walk down the track?? So we waited some time until it finally decided to go under the shade.

water-Lilibet Stanley

We were all delighted to reach the Cherry Plain Lookout, we were parched and exhausted so off we went to replenish our food and drink stocks back at the tent!!

Until next time.










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