Trip to the Farmer’s Market


Yesterday I went for a trip to my local Farmers’ Market ( . It’s full of colour and community spirit! My Ideas Man met up with a friend and so I was left to mooch around to my heart’s content, chatting with the stallholders and snapping away with the camera.

roses1-Lilibet Stanley All the proceeds from this flower stand was going to the local schools.

roses2-Lilibet Stanley There were beautiful roses in creams, yellows, oranges and pinks!

tomatoes-Lilibet Stanley This medley of tomatoes looked very enticing!

danish-Lilibet Stanley I bought some jam donuts and an apricot danish from an Italian baker and they were absolutely, mouth-wateringly delicious!

mango-Lilibet Stanley I came home laden with mangoes, strawberries and capsicums.

strawberries-Lilibet Stanley

necklace2-Lilibet StanleyA local designer, Denise O’Callaghan from Glass Rainbows ( had a stall with her colourful necklaces that she makes out of polymer clay.

necklace3-Lilibet Stanley Fun, bright colours!!

necklace5-Lilibet Stanley I love this lime green and cerise pink necklace at $25!

alexander.kay2-Lilibet Stanley The concrete stripey vessels at Alexander Kay look great, they have often caught my eye!

alexander.kay-Lilibet StanleyCheck her out on Instagram at alexander.kay.

It’s great to be able to support local business and local farmers to get great, fresh produce. Looking forward to the next market on the 8th March.

Until next time.




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