Chickens love flowers!!


Sorry I’ve been absent for a while due to some changes in my work life. I wanted to show you what I have been up-to recently and what I have just put on my Etsy shop. This is my latest embroidery of some cheeky chickens eating flowers in a garden.

chicken embroidery1-Lilibet Stanley

I love the combination of colours of duck-egg blue with cream and sand. It reminds me of the  various shades of eggs available. The greeny eggs come from a friend and I have blown them so I can keep them for decorative purposes.chicken embroidery2-Lilibet Stanley

I have used suffolk puffs with french knots and satin-stitch.chicken embroidery3-Lilibet Stanley

chicken embroidery4-Lilibet Stanley  I have used a variety of fabrics including silk for my embroidery. The artwork would add a country-living feel to any house. Please visit my shop to check out the new embroidery and all my other products.



Merry Christmas!!

merry bunting4-Lilibet Stanley

Merry Christmas Everyone!! I hope you are almost ready for the big day!! Do you like my Merry Bunting I made? aswell as my Lilibet Decoration? My table cloth was a lovely prezzie from my lovely Mum a few years ago from John Lewis. Oh, how I miss going for a mooch in John Lewis especially at Christmas time!!

Lilibet-Lilibet Stanley

I know I have been a bit quiet recently with my blog, I have been struggling to combine work and homelife, since I put a lot of effort into my exhibition at Ashgrove Library. If you want to still see my exhibition, it will be on until about the 30th/31st December.

2014 has been a year of learning for me especially about social media!!! Instagram is my favourite form, I have managed to keep up my Instagram posts so if you have been missing me, check me out there! I have a huge thanks to make to a dear friend who has given up her time to help me with social media and give me confidence when I have felt discouraged.

I hope that 2015 will bring more regular posts from me, especially when school goes back!

Wishing you a peaceful and safe Christmas and New Year!



A little embroidery taster!!

I’ve been busy finishing off a project that I started years ago. I thought it would look good being sold as a print on my Etsy shop, when I finally sort it out!

Butterfly embroidery4 -Lilibet Stanley

I thought  I would show you some snippets, to give you a taster of the embroidery that I have been working on.

Butterfly embroidery -Lilibet Stanley

Obviously french knots and Suffolk puffs feature, well I do like them!

Butterfly embroidery1 -Lilibet Stanley

I was busy during My Idea’s Man’s soccer game embroidering lazy daisy stitch, though I was having trouble deciding what colour it should be.

Butterfly embroidery3 -Lilibet Stanley

My business is slowly taking shape. It will be great when I can reveal all my hard work!

Well until next time.




“…a giant collage…”

Dresser1 - Lilibet Stanley

“Mum was using the dresser… as a giant collage for illustrating family life…” Emma Bridgewater, Country Living (British Edition), June 2014.

I love this quote and when I reflected on my dresser at home, it is just like “a giant collage”, it depicts my past, my present with all the papers that come into a household everyday and also my dreams for the future.

The pine dresser was an ebay find, I love all the markings from the use it has had over the years and now it is in the centre of all the goings on in my family. I finally have a place to put all my bits and pieces I have collected over the years.

Emma Bridgewater Mug

My Emma Bridgewater Union Jack mug is in pride of place.


The rusty old aqua scales given to me by my hubby’s nanna look like they belong. They were going to be thrown out but I saw the beauty, my in-laws are still a bit baffled though.

Teapot - Lilibet Stanley

I would love to own a TG Green Cornishware teapot so its in my embroidery as a reminder that one day when I am back in beautiful Cornwall to make a purchase.

Sponge cake - Lilibet Stanley

 There is nothing I like better than having a cuppa tea and a slice of Victoria Sponge cake using my Mum’s well tried and tested recipe, whilst thinking of the next new sewing project.

My embroidery is an applique using a mix of hand embroidery techniques such as french knots, buttonhole stitch, satin stitch, chain stitch and running stitch.

Well, take care until next time!!