There’s a hole in my jeans!!!


Its the first day of winter here in Queensland, the mornings have started to have a bit more of a nip to them so the other day, I found my good, old jeans from the back of the wardrobe. I do love Queensland winters, there is normally only a few days that I’m feeling quite unhappy with the weather, the rest of the time I can wear my winter warm things comfortably without feeling as though I’m going to freeze. As you may be able to tell I love the heat of Summer rather than the temperatures of winter. Living in the UK, I was always wrapped up even in the Summer months.

Anyway, getting back on track. My jeans!! I had forgotten that when I put them away at the end of last winter, holes were starting to appear in some embarrassing places. The first time I put them on, I tried to get away with the gaping holes but I did get a comment. Therefore I decided that something needed to be done but what! I didn’t just want to sew on a patch and be done with it. I needed to inject some of my style into it!

Here is the result!! Total Wardrobe Care loved the result on Instagram and I was thrilled to be asked by them to do a guest blog post on my jeans repair. To read the blog post about my inspiration for the first pair of jeans and how to make the little Suffolk puffs, check out

jeans repair2-Lilibet Stanley

My jeans have now been washed a few times and they have stood up to the rigours of a washing machine, I felt confident about tackling the next pair of jeans.

Jeans repair7 - Lilibet Stanley

This pair had even more holes!!

jeans repair7-Lilibet Stanley

I used teals, olives, turquoise and eau-de-nil with sparkling beads and sequins. First I repaired the hole with cotton to bring the fabric together and then for the re-enforcement, I used Suffolk puffs / yo-yos. I started using the antique gold beads but soon decided that they were going to be too big and it would make sitting down a bit uncomfortable. The colour scheme will go beautifully with a new cardigan I bought from Next when I was in the UK last Autumn.

jeans repair13-Lilibet Stanley

I have finished the back tear, just under the pocket. I have added some lazy daisy embroidery stitches so now the Suffolk puffs look like flowers and the stitching looks like leaves.

Jeans repair8 - Lilibet Stanley

Just have to keep going until all the beads and sequins are on, it’s a working progress but what do you think?!!

Until next time.






Online shopping from the UK!

This morning at about 9.30am, there was a knock at the door and to my delight there was a parcel waiting for me.

parcel -Lilibet Stanley

The parcel was from Next (, in case you don’t know, Next is one of the large high street stores in the UK. A few years ago they started delivering to Australia for free over $30. Well, it’s easy to spend over $30, I have to control myself ¬†sometimes! The parcel took 5 working days to arrive in good shape, now that is good service!

shoes1 -Lilibet Stanley

Last week I ordered a pair of pink snake effect high heeled shoes at $48 ( ), to go with some cream trousers that I have already in my wardrobe from Next.

shoes2 -Lilibet Stanley

It’s always a bit of a gamble ordering shoes online but they didn’t disappoint!

shoes -Lilibet Stanley

As an English ex-pat one of the things that I miss from my homeland are my favourite shops, Next is one of those shops! When Next started to deliver to Australia, I was very happy. I haven’t been asked by Next to write this post, I am only doing so because I love the product and the shop! The only bias I have is that I used to work some years ago for Next designing prints for the Womenswear and Girlswear departments but if anything that makes me understand that the product that I order will be to a high standard. They have got a large team making sure every product is just right!

I am a very happy customer so thank you Next!!

Well until next time!