What’s going on in my garden this week?

There is so much growing, all really under my nose until I grab the camera to detail the goings-on.passionfruit flower2-Lilibet StanleyThe passionfruit flower is beautiful and weird all at the same time.

passionfruit flower-Lilibet StanleyI love the shapes of the the stamens and the juxtaposition of the yellow pollen with the beautiful royal purple. It is a shame that the  flowers are only out for a day before they have gone again!

passionfruit flower1-Lilibet StanleyThe pattern that the lines of the petals make is exquisite.

pumpkin flower-Lilibet StanleyThe pumpkins are also flowering in their radiant yellow glory.

banana-Lilibet StanleyThe new banana trees are growing. It will be great to try the different varieties that we have, if we manage to get any fruit off them. There is a long way to go yet!

banana tree-Lilibet StanleyI really need to do some weeding!

corn-Lilibet StanleyThe sweetcorn that is in the veggie box is getting there, now that will be delicious when we can have home-grown sweetcorn.

Salvia-Lilibet StanleyThe Salvia that I planted last September is looking very cottage-like and true to a cottage garden we are mixing the flowers in with the produce. Apparently my hubby said, it was the best place to plant the bananas right in with my flowers.

geraniums-Lilibet StanleyThe geraniums that my neighbour gave me a few months ago are looking very pretty and genteel.

geraniums1-Lilibet Stanley

rose-Lilibet StanleyJust when I thought all my Jane McGrath roses had gone, more bloom-thank goodness, they are so pretty!

rose1-Lilibet StanleyThe Jane McGrath rose is such a hardy little plant, I get such great delight from her blooms.

Until next time.




After all the rain!

I thought  I would update you on what is happening in the garden. We have some banana trees growing in the garden now. They seem to be recovering after all the rain we had last week.

bananas-Lilibet Stanley

passionfruit-Lilibet StanleyThe passionfruit flowers are starting to bud!

passionfruit1-Lilibet StanleyLet’s hope we manage to keep the possums away from the Passionfruit this year! I love the Passionfruit flower in all its stages.

rose-Lilibet Stanley My Jane McGrath rose is looking beautiful as always!

Salvias2-Lilibet Stanley The lovely white Salvia that a friend gave me has bloomed over summer. It was a spindly little cutting when it arrived on my doorstep but now it is dominating my little flower patch.

Salvias3-Lilibet Stanley Salvias-Lilibet StanleyThe fuschia pink Salvia that I planted in September after my trip to the Garden Centre has thrived with all the rain. There is quite a bit to do in the garden, dead-heading and pulling out the weeds, a never-ending job. I love all the colour that my little patch provides me and my family. I’m looking forward to the fruits of mainly my hubby’s labour when the bananas and passionfruit are ready!

Until next time.



Walk back from school!

On my walk back from school, I am fortunate to go past some lovely Gum trees with sumptious tree bark.  I love tree bark for it has beautiful texture and colours.

paper bark3-Lilibet Stanley

I think the texture of bark has always amazed me since I was a teenager and I started looking at the world around me in a new way! I would wonder  how can I use it as inspiration in my textile work! I would start trying to come up with ways of replicating it with paper, wax and fabric.

paper bark-Lilibet Stanley

They are just so textural!! My high school textiles teacher’s enthusiasm for texture has given me a life long love!

paper bark1-Lilibet Stanley

I see new ideas every time I walk past this series of trees!

seedpods1-Lilibet Stanley

I’m not sure what the name of this tree is but the colour of these berries and seedpods are divine especially against the greens of the trees and the brilliant blue sky!

magnolia-Lilibet Stanley

This beautiful Magnolia flower has just started to bloom near by, it is so stylish and classic!

geraniums,eggs,tea-Lilibet Stanley

When I got home, I collected the eggs from our chickens and sat down to have a lovely cup of tea and to think about all the work I need to get on with today.

Until next time.



Summer feels like it’s on the way!

The weather is really starting to feel more like summer than spring. The heat has really hit me this week!

jacaranda -Lilibet Stanley

The jacarandas are starting to lose some of their bloom but I thought I would get a few more photos of their decadent colour before any storms decide to hit and send their beauty cascading to the purple carpet beneath!

jacaranda2 -Lilibet Stanley

I really can’t get enough of the purple blooms, they make me smile everytime I see them!

jacaranda1 -Lilibet Stanley

It’s such a lovely time to visit Brisbane.

dead head geranium-Lilibet Stanley

This week, I have been doing some dead heading of my geraniums.

dead head geranium1-Lilibet Stanley

Once I had a whole posy worth in my hand, I noticed the delicate, subtle, lovely colours- beige, pinky beige and berry tones.

lillipilly-Lilibet Stanley

The Lilipilly trees in my back garden are starting to flower. The tiny little flowers remind me of fireworks bursting into the sky.

pelegonium -Lilibet Stanley

The Pelegoniums in my terracotta pot are starting to put on a show of colour! The garden is constantly changing even though in my mind, I feel it stays the same.

Until next time!

Lilibet x





English rose at heart!

From about the 10th of the month, I start getting excited when I visit my local newsagent. Is it there..? No. Next time I go shopping, is it there..? No. Yesterday, I went in and my heart skipped a beat, it was there!! The next edition of the UK edition of Country Living.

Country Living Mag -Lilibet Stanley

Over here in Oz, we are a month behind on the UK issue but I don’t mind that I am reading all about September. It is one of my little slices of home!

Rocking chair and mag1 -Lilibet Stanley

I love sitting down on my rocking chair to read my new glossy covered magazine, reading about life in the English countryside.

Purple Salvia and colour -Lilibet Stanley

I am trying to make my little part of Queensland as English Cottage garden as I can! It’s a hard task when our summers are hot and we have to look after what little water we have.

rose1 -Lilibet Stanley

My “Jane McGrath” climbing rose is beautiful, it has a delicate pink flower and it loves the position it’s in, in my garden. It is drought-tolerent now it is established and it rambles over some stakes in a corner of my garden with red Geraniums joining it with real country style.

Climbing rose -Lilibet Stanley

The Salvias I bought a few weeks ago are settling into my garden very well.

Salvia1 -Lilibet Stanley

Salvia -Lilibet Stanley

Tomatoes are good at sprouting wherever they fancy in my garden!

tomatoes with geraniums -Lilibet Stanley

I love vegetables growing along side flowers. The bright red spots next to large pink circles of geraniums.

tomatoes -Lilbet Stanley

There are also yellow tomatoes growing as well. My Little Lady loves tomatoes, she eats them like most children would eat sweets!

I will go and soak up some English style with my magazine until next time.









School holidays are a time for taking it easy a bit! We’ve been able to enjoy leisurely days. My Little Lady has been busy with her loom bands.

loom bands -Lilibet Stanley

One of her friends showed her how to attach beads into a loom band design.

beads -Lilibet Stanley

Since then she has been very quiet concentrating on her bead loom band bracelets.

loom beads -Lilibet Stanley

It’s great for practising fine motor skills!

checkers1 -Lilibet Stanley

My Ideas Man and I have enjoyed some games of Checkers. I used to love playing this game as a girl so I was delighted when we inherited an old style board. Games are always very close! His strategy is improving!!

Garden sewing1 -Lilibet Stanley

I’ve had a few opportunities to do some of my Suffolk Puff quilt. It is still a long way off to being completed which I am glad about. I am enjoying seeing it in progress, I’m not ready for it to be finished yet.

Suffolk puff quilt3 -Lilibet Stanley

The colours are looking so fresh!

Garden -Lilibet Stanley

It is lovely sewing my quilt whilst being surrounded by colour in my garden and watching my little ones play.

Geranium -Lilibet Stanley

My very kind neighbour gave me some cuttings off her Geranium plants in exchange for some off my plants! So, I am going to have plenty to water and watch grow!

Until next time.


Trip to the garden centre

This beautiful morning, I took a trip to my local garden centre with my Mum-in-law. I wanted to find a few new plants for my front garden. I was met with a such a splash of colour!

riot of colour -Lilibet Stanley

Colour everywhere!

riot of colour1 -Lilibet Stanley

Sunshine yellow, oranges, pinks, purples and reds!

geraniums -Lilibet Stanley

I love geraniums and pelargoniums as they are so easy to look after and have a glorious splash of colour!

salvias -LilibetStanley

In the end, I decided on two different types of Salvias. I have found that Salvias are drought-tolerant, which is important in the harsh Queensland sun and yet have an English cottage garden feel about them. I’m looking forward to getting my plants into my garden bed and watching them grow.

Until next time.

Lilibet x