Chickens love flowers!!


Sorry I’ve been absent for a while due to some changes in my work life. I wanted to show you what I have been up-to recently and what I have just put on my Etsy shop. This is my latest embroidery of some cheeky chickens eating flowers in a garden.

chicken embroidery1-Lilibet Stanley

I love the combination of colours of duck-egg blue with cream and sand. It reminds me of the  various shades of eggs available. The greeny eggs come from a friend and I have blown them so I can keep them for decorative purposes.chicken embroidery2-Lilibet Stanley

I have used suffolk puffs with french knots and satin-stitch.chicken embroidery3-Lilibet Stanley

chicken embroidery4-Lilibet Stanley  I have used a variety of fabrics including silk for my embroidery. The artwork would add a country-living feel to any house. Please visit my shop to check out the new embroidery and all my other products.



A Country Adventure


We spent some lovely, relaxing days in January  in the country around Wide Bay. We are lucky to have friends with a house surrounded by cane fields.

canefield-Lilibet Stanleyand the children just love having the space to run around.

truckinmud-Lilibet Stanley  They pass their time playing with trucks in mud!

treehousesteps-Lilibet Stanley or playing in the tree house,

cubby-Lilibet Stanleymaking cubbies!

magicshow-Lilibet Stanleyand putting on magic shows! All the stuff that childhoods should be made of!!

swing under the mango tree-Lilibet Stanley My Little Lady loves nothing more than to be pushed on the swing under a mango tree and what a nice way to spend a late afternoon, once the sun has done down a little!

sewingbox-Lilibet StanleyThere is plenty of time for me to get out my sewing box and add more suffolk puffs to my quilt as well as joining in with all the fun and games on the verandah.

quiltinprogress-Lilibet Stanley

quilt1-Lilibet StanleyMy Little Lady’s quilt is really starting to grow and look more like a quilt now.

cup of tea-Lilibet StanleyEverything stops for morning and afternoon tea on the verandah!

suffolkpuffs-Lilibet StanleyThen I start sewing again surrounded by the noise of the chooks and the rooster crowing whenever he feels like it, it’s not just first thing in the morning you know!


mango-LilibetStanleyOccasionally, there is a terrific bang on the roof and that is a mango dropping from tree. It does tend to give you a shock in the middle of the night!

mango on the ground-Lilibet StanleyThere are so many mangoes to collect, some start to rot before they are collected.

chicken eating mango-Lilibet StanleyEveryone loves mango, the chickens love them…

cow eating mango-Lilibet Stanleythe Jersey calves love them… (that’s obviously how you make mango smoothie!!)

pig eating mango-Lilibet Stanleythe pig next door loves them…

mango in box-Lilibet StanleyThere is plenty for everyone to have their fair share!

mango chutney-Lilibet StanleyWe have even being enjoying some homemade Sweet Mango chutney with curries since we have returned from our galavanting around.

calf4-Lilibet StanleyIt’s always hard to say goodbye when we had so much fun and it was especially hard saying goodbye to this adorable Jersey Cow, who could resist those eyes!!

Until next time.



Delicious Lemon Drizzle Cake

Lemons - Lilibet Stanley

My hubby came back from work the other day with 5 huge, delicious looking lemons that his work colleague had grown in his garden, in exchange for 18 eggs from our lovely chickens.

Chicken - Lilibet Stanley

I decided to use up one of the lemons and some of our eggs to make my Mum’s Lemon Drizzle Cake. It truly is delicious, very zesty and perfect with a cup of tea! My Mum was trying to recall where this recipe came from and she reckons it was from my Great-Aunt, so it is a long standing favourite in my family. Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed unless you are my son who doesn’t like lemons but that’s fine, it means there is more for the rest of us!!

Lemon rind - Lilibet Stanley


170g (6 oz) Self-raising flour

170g (6 oz) Caster Sugar

1 level tsp Baking Powder

1 finely grated Lemon Rind

110g (4 oz) Soft Margarine (at room temperature)

2 eggs

4 tbsp Milk


Juice of the Lemon.

110g (4 oz) Caster Sugar


1.Line cake tin with baking paper.

In the mixing bowl - Lilibet Stanley

2. Beat all ingredients together for about 2 minutes, increasing speed throughout.

In the tin - Lilibet Stanley

3. Spread mixture in tin.

4. Bake in fan oven at 180 degrees C for about 25-35 minutes.

5. Make the icing whilst the cake is in the oven.

Inside a lemon - Lilibet Stanley


1. Mix the lemon juice and caster sugar together.

cake out of oven - Lilibet Stanley

2. Pour icing over the cake whilst still hot in the baking tin.

3. Allow to cool.

4. Remove from the tin.

Time for tea - Lilibet Stanley

Take a break and enjoy a piece of my Mum’s Lemon Drizzle Cake with a lovely cup of tea!

Sitting down to eat cake1 - Lilibet Stanley

My hubby wanted seconds!!

I hope when you give it a go, it’s a tremendous success!

Lilibet x