Lilibet_Velvet @Spoonflower

I was very excited to receive my first parcel of my printed fabric designs in the post from I have set my designs so Spoonflower customers can buy my new range. It can be printed onto different types of fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap. You can buy my fabric designs at

fabric-Lilibet is so easy to use!

spoonflower colour chart-Lilibet StanleyYou upload your design,choose your colours from their colour chart, choose your fabric and then simply wait for the designs to arrive. It does take some time to arrive from America to Australia but I loved the thrill of opening the beautiful parcel when it arrived!

I’m going to be making something out of my fabric, I will show you when it’s all finished. I can’t wait to get more of my designs printed.

Thank you Spoonflower!

Until next time,



Happy Hours Sewing!

I’ve spent some time cutting out a pile of white cotton circles, ready for me to spend some happy hours sewing!

suffolk puff5-Lilibet Stanley

Making a Suffolk puff is easy. All you have to do is cut out circles of fabric. The size of the circle that I am using is 6.5cm in diametre and it creates a Suffolk puff that is 3cm in diametre. I think they are looking like little peppermints!!

suffolk puff2-Lilibet Stanley

Using a small needle, start by stitching a few little stitches in one spot to make your thread firm, then using running stitch go around the edge.

suffolk puff3-Lilibet Stanley

Once you have completed running stitch all around the edge, draw the thread up into a little bag.

almost finished suffolk puff-Lilibet Stanley

To finish off, make a few little stitches in one spot so the stitches can’t come undone.

finished suffolk puff-Lilibet Stanley

Voila!!! One Suffolk Puff!! Now repeat over and over again!! Once you have enough of the little treasures, sew them together to form a throw/quilt. I will show you that stage later.

Until next time.

Lilibet x