Chickens love flowers!!


Sorry I’ve been absent for a while due to some changes in my work life. I wanted to show you what I have been up-to recently and what I have just put on my Etsy shop. This is my latest embroidery of some cheeky chickens eating flowers in a garden.

chicken embroidery1-Lilibet Stanley

I love the combination of colours of duck-egg blue with cream and sand. It reminds me of the  various shades of eggs available. The greeny eggs come from a friend and I have blown them so I can keep them for decorative purposes.chicken embroidery2-Lilibet Stanley

I have used suffolk puffs with french knots and satin-stitch.chicken embroidery3-Lilibet Stanley

chicken embroidery4-Lilibet Stanley  I have used a variety of fabrics including silk for my embroidery. The artwork would add a country-living feel to any house. Please visit my shop to check out the new embroidery and all my other products.



Back together again!!

Whilst the Mummies were having a lovely time at the Baby Shower, Daddy and my two not-so-little ones joined  up with another Daddy and his three boys to go playing in a creek since it was a hot, sticky afternoon and it would be great to cool off on the last day of Summer. They had such a good time on Saturday afternoon that we all decided to repeat the fun on Sunday, the first day of Autumn!

Five have a wonderful time-Lilibet StanleyI love when we get together with our special friends. The five children get along beautifully and its just like the title of an Enid Blyton book!

donut-Lilibet StanleyJust like in a Famous Five story, the motley crew needs to feed first before any adventures can begin! You should have seen the smiles when they realised donuts were on offer!!

rainforest2-Lilibet StanleyLet the adventures begin! It was lovely just being able to sit and listen to the cicadas making their enjoyable racket.

dam2-Lilibet StanleyDams are always on the priority list when a creek is involved in play.

Daddy joins in1-Lilibet StanleyThe Daddies got stuck in too with dam building!

dam-Lilibet StanleyIt was a superb dam in the end.

dam3-Lilibet StanleyIt’s also fun breaking the dam apart! There is so much to do with logs, rocks, leaves and sticks with creeks. The next game was a thong (flip-flop) race, this didn’t end to well as a thong went missing in the water. Thankfully it was found but it was decided it wasn’t the best game to play and replaced it with a leaf.

painting on rock-Lilibet StanleyMy Little Lady is good at joining in with the boys but dam building isn’t at the top of her list of fun things to do, where as she enjoyed decorating rocks with “paint and beads” or in other words “mud and stones”. Hmm, I wonder where my Little Lady gets her decorating ideas from, I wonder?!!!

rainforest1-Lilibet StanleyWatching the sun streaming in through the green leaves was very relaxing. It did not feel like the first day of Autumn, it was just as hot as ever!

lichen-Lilibet StanleyThe beautiful textures all around were very inspiring. I love the soft, subtle hues of lichen.

Well, all good things have to come to an end, there were tears on departure. The five have such good fun together. The Famous Five always had there adventures in the school holidays and so must this set of five.

Until next time.





After all the rain!

I thought  I would update you on what is happening in the garden. We have some banana trees growing in the garden now. They seem to be recovering after all the rain we had last week.

bananas-Lilibet Stanley

passionfruit-Lilibet StanleyThe passionfruit flowers are starting to bud!

passionfruit1-Lilibet StanleyLet’s hope we manage to keep the possums away from the Passionfruit this year! I love the Passionfruit flower in all its stages.

rose-Lilibet Stanley My Jane McGrath rose is looking beautiful as always!

Salvias2-Lilibet Stanley The lovely white Salvia that a friend gave me has bloomed over summer. It was a spindly little cutting when it arrived on my doorstep but now it is dominating my little flower patch.

Salvias3-Lilibet Stanley Salvias-Lilibet StanleyThe fuschia pink Salvia that I planted in September after my trip to the Garden Centre has thrived with all the rain. There is quite a bit to do in the garden, dead-heading and pulling out the weeds, a never-ending job. I love all the colour that my little patch provides me and my family. I’m looking forward to the fruits of mainly my hubby’s labour when the bananas and passionfruit are ready!

Until next time.



A Country Adventure


We spent some lovely, relaxing days in January  in the country around Wide Bay. We are lucky to have friends with a house surrounded by cane fields.

canefield-Lilibet Stanleyand the children just love having the space to run around.

truckinmud-Lilibet Stanley  They pass their time playing with trucks in mud!

treehousesteps-Lilibet Stanley or playing in the tree house,

cubby-Lilibet Stanleymaking cubbies!

magicshow-Lilibet Stanleyand putting on magic shows! All the stuff that childhoods should be made of!!

swing under the mango tree-Lilibet Stanley My Little Lady loves nothing more than to be pushed on the swing under a mango tree and what a nice way to spend a late afternoon, once the sun has done down a little!

sewingbox-Lilibet StanleyThere is plenty of time for me to get out my sewing box and add more suffolk puffs to my quilt as well as joining in with all the fun and games on the verandah.

quiltinprogress-Lilibet Stanley

quilt1-Lilibet StanleyMy Little Lady’s quilt is really starting to grow and look more like a quilt now.

cup of tea-Lilibet StanleyEverything stops for morning and afternoon tea on the verandah!

suffolkpuffs-Lilibet StanleyThen I start sewing again surrounded by the noise of the chooks and the rooster crowing whenever he feels like it, it’s not just first thing in the morning you know!


mango-LilibetStanleyOccasionally, there is a terrific bang on the roof and that is a mango dropping from tree. It does tend to give you a shock in the middle of the night!

mango on the ground-Lilibet StanleyThere are so many mangoes to collect, some start to rot before they are collected.

chicken eating mango-Lilibet StanleyEveryone loves mango, the chickens love them…

cow eating mango-Lilibet Stanleythe Jersey calves love them… (that’s obviously how you make mango smoothie!!)

pig eating mango-Lilibet Stanleythe pig next door loves them…

mango in box-Lilibet StanleyThere is plenty for everyone to have their fair share!

mango chutney-Lilibet StanleyWe have even being enjoying some homemade Sweet Mango chutney with curries since we have returned from our galavanting around.

calf4-Lilibet StanleyIt’s always hard to say goodbye when we had so much fun and it was especially hard saying goodbye to this adorable Jersey Cow, who could resist those eyes!!

Until next time.



Loving the beach!


We are mid-way through February and I’ve still not told you about January!! I had better get a move on, otherwise the month will be out!

January for me means a month of trips to the beach, to the country and preparing for going back to school. This January was no exception. I was snap-happy with so much texture, pattern and colour all about!

We went to Burleigh beach on the Gold Coast, a bit over an hour from Brisbane. The surfers were out, the kids with buckets and spades were building sandcastles and splashing in the waves!

surfboard-Lilibet StanleyAt the north end of the beach is a fantastic headland with encrusted limpets on the rocks.

Headland-Lilibet StanleyThe children liked exploring the rocks when the tide was low so they could look in all the rockpools and try to get around the headland.

limpets1-Lilibet StanleyI have always loved the pattern and texture of limpets!

sand-Lilibet StanleyThere is so much texture to be made with sand!

sand on rock-Lilibet StanleyI thought the sand on this rock reminded me of lots of embroidered French Knots.

Rock1-Lilibet StanleyThe sunshine and the waves on the rock creates so many beautiful colours from rusts, greys, golds, ochres and bronzes.

stones-Lilibet StanleyAt South Burleigh there are more rock pools that the children like playing in and the sand is a bit more pebbley right near the headland.

shells and stones-Lilibet StanleyThere are so many colour schemes at the beach, I love the subtlety of the colours- cool greys, slate blues, sand, vanilla and rust.

I have so many more photos to share from my gallivanting around Queensland.

See you next time.



Escaping the heat-Part two

The children were up bright and early with the birds on the first morning raring to go! Mount Kiangarow was our first stop of the day.

Mount Kiangarow sign -Lilibet Stanley

Mount Kiangarow is the highest peak in the Bunya Mountains National Park. It has amazing grass trees. Last time we were here there were lots of Silvereye birds – a little olive-green bird which were having a marvellous time eating all the seeds.

Grass trees at Mount Kiangarow -Lilibet Stanley

The texture of the bark is scrumptious!

tree bark6 -Lilibet Stanley

tree bark3

Especially when lichen is growing on it as well!

tree bark4

The pattern that the bark makes is like lots of little lozenge shapes so its pattern with texture on top!

Mount Kiangarow2 -Lilibet Stanley

The different greens of The Bunya Mountains National Park against the brilliant blue sky was stunning!

Mount Kiangarow -Lilibet Stanley

Down below on the plain, the colours are much more subtle with the drier greens and yellows and bits of red soil showing through. Even though we were mostly covered by the shade of the trees, it was coming up hot. We pressed on to Bottle Tree Bluff.

Bottle Tree Bluff sign -Lilibet Stanley

Walking along hearing the tweeting of the birds and the giggles of children is music to my ears. The Little Adventurers were discovering various seeds and feathers along the way. They learn so much from just experiencing nature!

Bottle Tree Bluff1 -Lilibet Stanley

Each lookout is spectacular and Bottle Tree Bluff didn’t disappoint!

Prickly Pear Flower -Lilibet Stanley

Prickly Pear Flower1-Lilibet Stanley

We came across a lot of Prickly Pear which is not native to Australia but the reddy, orange flowers are beautiful against the blue sky!

goanna -Lilibet Stanley

Along the side of the track, there was a Goanna. We thought it was best to let the Goanna move off to where it wanted to go, however, it had other plans!! Why go in the bush when you can walk down the track?? So we waited some time until it finally decided to go under the shade.

water-Lilibet Stanley

We were all delighted to reach the Cherry Plain Lookout, we were parched and exhausted so off we went to replenish our food and drink stocks back at the tent!!

Until next time.










Escaping the heat!

With the prospect of the G20 leaders coming to town over the weekend and the mercury rising up to about 40 degrees celcius, we decided to escape to The Bunya Mountains which is about 3.5 hours north-west of Brisbane. It is up high and with lots of rainforest to shade under during the day. We went with two other families so all the children could have lots of fun exploring the creeks and rainforests!

Bunya pine trees at Dandabah -Lilibet Stanley

Our base for the long weekend was the campsite at Dandabah, it is a beautiful spot. Our view from our tent was overlooking these wonderful tall Bunya Pines and thus why it is called The Bunya Mountains.

Blue Fairy Wren -Lilibet Stanley

The Superb Fairy-Wren was there to meet us when we arrived at the campsite and we had plenty of sightings. The brilliant, bright blue of the Superb Fairy-Wren matched the sky.

Tall grasses at Dandabah-Lilibet Stanley

The Superb Fairy-Wren loves to take shelter from the campers in the tall grasses on the edge of the campsite. The swaying grasses are so graceful but I’m sure hide a multitude of wildlife that I don’t want to meet!

Wallaby2 -Lilibet Stanley

Another resident of Dandabah was also there to make sure we were welcome and that was the Wallaby. They are used to the campers but always keep their distance!

Tim Shea Falls sign-Lilibet Stanley

We decided to wait to put up our tents until the sun had gone down a bit. We started our adventure by going to the Tim Shea Falls which is a short walk from the campsite though with little ones in tow and all that a rainforest has to offer can take a long time!

Dam Building1-Lilibet Stanley

Dam building began in earnest when we reached the creek, there was no time to loose! Dam building is one of My Ideas Man’s favourite activities when given half a chance.

Great Barbed Frog tadpole-Lilibet Stanley

The motley crew of adventurers found large tadpoles which I think are  going to grow up into a Great Barred Frog. They enjoyed the challenge of trying to catch them, mostly  without success but had great fun trying and occasionally they were lucky but they had to soon release them as not to harm them.

It was shaping up to be a great but cool weekend, with lots of walks and things to discover!

Until next time!