What’s going on in my garden this week?

There is so much growing, all really under my nose until I grab the camera to detail the goings-on.passionfruit flower2-Lilibet StanleyThe passionfruit flower is beautiful and weird all at the same time.

passionfruit flower-Lilibet StanleyI love the shapes of the the stamens and the juxtaposition of the yellow pollen with the beautiful royal purple. It is a shame that the  flowers are only out for a day before they have gone again!

passionfruit flower1-Lilibet StanleyThe pattern that the lines of the petals make is exquisite.

pumpkin flower-Lilibet StanleyThe pumpkins are also flowering in their radiant yellow glory.

banana-Lilibet StanleyThe new banana trees are growing. It will be great to try the different varieties that we have, if we manage to get any fruit off them. There is a long way to go yet!

banana tree-Lilibet StanleyI really need to do some weeding!

corn-Lilibet StanleyThe sweetcorn that is in the veggie box is getting there, now that will be delicious when we can have home-grown sweetcorn.

Salvia-Lilibet StanleyThe Salvia that I planted last September is looking very cottage-like and true to a cottage garden we are mixing the flowers in with the produce. Apparently my hubby said, it was the best place to plant the bananas right in with my flowers.

geraniums-Lilibet StanleyThe geraniums that my neighbour gave me a few months ago are looking very pretty and genteel.

geraniums1-Lilibet Stanley

rose-Lilibet StanleyJust when I thought all my Jane McGrath roses had gone, more bloom-thank goodness, they are so pretty!

rose1-Lilibet StanleyThe Jane McGrath rose is such a hardy little plant, I get such great delight from her blooms.

Until next time.




Online shopping from the UK!

This morning at about 9.30am, there was a knock at the door and to my delight there was a parcel waiting for me.

parcel -Lilibet Stanley

The parcel was from Next (http://au.nextdirect.com/), in case you don’t know, Next is one of the large high street stores in the UK. A few years ago they started delivering to Australia for free over $30. Well, it’s easy to spend over $30, I have to control myself  sometimes! The parcel took 5 working days to arrive in good shape, now that is good service!

shoes1 -Lilibet Stanley

Last week I ordered a pair of pink snake effect high heeled shoes at $48 ( http://au.nextdirect.com/en/g9278s5#693448 ), to go with some cream trousers that I have already in my wardrobe from Next.

shoes2 -Lilibet Stanley

It’s always a bit of a gamble ordering shoes online but they didn’t disappoint!

shoes -Lilibet Stanley

As an English ex-pat one of the things that I miss from my homeland are my favourite shops, Next is one of those shops! When Next started to deliver to Australia, I was very happy. I haven’t been asked by Next to write this post, I am only doing so because I love the product and the shop! The only bias I have is that I used to work some years ago for Next designing prints for the Womenswear and Girlswear departments but if anything that makes me understand that the product that I order will be to a high standard. They have got a large team making sure every product is just right!

I am a very happy customer so thank you Next!!

Well until next time!