Loving the waves!


For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by all the colours you can see in the sea and how the white horses break the blues and greens up into scrumptious stripes.

Seascape6-Lilibet Stanley┬áIt’s the designer in me that loves to see the world through colour and pattern!

Seascape4-Lilibet StanleyFor me, late afternoon is the best time to go down to the beach to be inspired. I’ve heard early mornings are great also but I’m not by nature an early-riser!!

Seascape3-Lilibet StanleySlightly stormy afternoons and the sea goes all mean and moody with dark, slate tones.

Seascape2-Lilibet StanleyThe sun setting and all sorts of pastel colours come to play with pale pinks, salmons, baby blue with a hint of green.

wave embroidery1-Lilibet StanleyI thought I would show you some of my textile work I have done over the years based on waves and the sea. This embroidery was based upon a sketch that I did of Porthmeor Beach in St Ives, England, many moons ago when I was young, free and single and I could spend time sitting, sketching and observing.

wave embroidery-Lilibet StanleyI tried to create the movement of the pounding waves against the beach by using frayed silks and net loose for emphasis!

close up of wave embroidery-Lilibet StanleyI used many different techniques including Free-Machine Embroidery, French Knots, running stitch and trapping bits of fabric to create a sumptuous, rich carpet of colour in tones of turquoise, aquas, slates and indigos. Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn are a strong influence in my textile embroidery work.

porthmeor beach-Lilibet StanleyMy sketch of Porthmeor Beach! I remember sitting on The Island with waves crashing beneath me and my view was the busyness of Porthmeor beach with the waves crashing and children playing in the sand, whilst I painted in peace. St Ives is a beautiful place and a great place to paint!

close up of porthmeor beach-Lilibet StanleyI have never managed to finish the embroidery off to include the houses a long the beach- jobs, children and other projects came along! One of my many unfinished projects!

I’ve enjoyed sharing with you my love of the sea and how I have interpreted it in textiles.

Until next time.





Sewing box treasures!

I have finished last week’s embroidery and before I go to get it printed, I thought I would do another along the same lines.

flower embroidery1 -Lilibet Stanley

I love working with the subtle shades of duck egg green, teal, apricot and cream.

vintage thread -Lilibet Stanley

Fortunately when hunting through my threads for appropriate tones I came across quite a few delicious shades on beautiful old bobbins.

vintage thread1 -Lilibet Stanley

I have acquired the vintage bobbins through either my Grandma or my hubby’s Grandma.

vintage thread3 -Lilibet Stanley

This one, I came across whilst op-shopping in Maryborough a few years ago!! I couldn’t believe my luck and it wasn’t very expensive from memory.

flower embroidery -Lilibet Stanley

I’m pleased so far with the subtle shades and textures in this embroidery using lazy daisy stitch and back stitch aswell as Suffolk puffs and French knots.

Until next time.



Back to school!

My little ones went back to school this morning. My Ideas Man was itching to see his best friend, whilst My Little Lady was less-so-keen but once there all were happy! This meant I could finally take a long breathe and try to get my house back into some order so I can get back to my work.

Geraniums -Lilibet Stanley

I decided to freshen up my dining area by dressing my lovely old pine table with a new table runner from Calico Home. I brought some of the outdoors inside with my beautiful geraniums. I love the two shades of pink together- a pinky coral and a deep pink bordering on red.

lego -Lilibet Stanley

Carefully built Lego models that have been made over the holidays have been placed on the shelf in My Ideas Man’s bedroom.

loombands -Lilibet Stanley

Loombands, beads, french knitting kits and looms can go back into My Little Lady’s bedroom until at least the weekend!

I have been to stock up on DMC 25 embroidery thread which matches the Kaisercard that I am using in my artwork.

paper and thread -Lilibet Stanley

Shades of rosy red Geranium through to Ballet Pink Rose.

paper and thread2 -Lilibet Stanley

Desert Sands, Outback Orange to Peachy Sunrise!

paper and thread1 -Lilibet Stanley

Tropical Sea Aquamarine, Queensland Sky Blue with some lush Green Rainforest tones!

Some of the papers and threads that I intend to use once I manage to get the more business end of things done, hopefully it’s not going to take too long!

Take care, until next time.






Creative Mess

Creative Mess - Lilibet Stanley


I love collecting threads-thick and thin; fabric from teeni-weeni bits to yardage that people don’t want any more; paper-old and new, brightly coloured or subtle. You never know when you might be able to use the cellophane that tea comes wrapped in or the brown paper that a parcel may have arrived in. It can drive my hubby crazy! Some of the work that I produce is a form of recycling using all of the above to make beautiful embroideries. Sometimes I use new pieces of paper and embellish with thread.

At the moment, my creative mess is expanding as I rip hearts, flowers and circles from KAISERcard from Kaisercraft to make into an artwork for a girl’s bedroom. I will be selling my artwork on Etsy. Please bear with me as I am finalising all the things I need to get myself up and running.

Looking forward to next time!!